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As Appa touched ground, Aang braced himself on the saddle as best he could, looking cautiously around for any Fire Nation soldiers. So far, there weren't any around. That was a good sign, at least to the Avatar.

"Okay, everyone-we're here and it doesn't look like the Fire Nation has control over this area!" Aang announced while climbing off Appa's saddle at the same time. The Avatar continued to look around just to be sure; he'd learned that you could never be too careful in double-checking the surrounding area these days when it came to the Fire Nation. After looking around some more, Aang turned toward his friends with a child-like smile.

"So, who wants to help me look for any animals that live around here? We could ride them!"


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Nov. 1st, 2006 11:45 pm (UTC)
"Okay, everyone-we're here and it doesn't look like the Fire Nation has control over this area!"

He looked over at his sister with an 'I win now what' sort of face. He knew that it wasn't controlled... well... okay so he didn't but that wasn't the point.

"So, who wants to help me look for any animals that live around here? We could ride them!"

Sokka returned that smile with a cyincal look, the one he usually carried. "Oh of course! Let's look for random animals that might eat us and maybe... if we're lucky we'll find one that'll grant us a last wish and let us ride 'em." He looked over the side of Aapa's saddle perfectly calm when something panic inducing caught his eye. But sitting over completley calm after a small jolt tried to look as if he'd seen nothing.

There was a fire nation boat tailing them! But... as long as he didn't acknowledge it wasn't there right? Right?

Best not to tell his sister. Did he look like he was hiding something? I'm not hiding ANYTHING, just keep cool.. COOL, he lied to himself as he tried to do as his brain commanded. Trying to keep cool. But in reality, he looked sort of fidgety.
Nov. 11th, 2006 12:38 am (UTC)
Katara had felt it for a moment there-just a moment but her intuition was strong-she was almost as smart as he if NOT smarter. Just about to voice her suspicions she dropped it with a sigh and took a grip of Appa's four letting a easy breath escape then laughing as they sped up toward the ground. She loved the rush of wind against her face! Nodding to Aang with relief she started to reach for there bags only to catch her brothers look.

"Yeah alright so you're right once big deal."

She wondered if she should voice her earlier concern about them being seen...nah that for later. Sighing she pulled one of the bags and hopped off Appa's back. "Sokkas completely wrong, but it's true we shouldn't just go branching off and explore Aang; it could still be dangerous." She caught Sokkas' panic instantly with just a tilt of her head in his direction.

"Sokkas you're sweating like crazy; what's wrong?" Her poor brother had terrible acting skills
Nov. 19th, 2006 02:13 pm (UTC)
"Sokkas you're sweating like crazy; what's wrong?"

Sokka stiffened, terrible acting skills indeed. "Wrong? Wrong?!" He squeaked, "T-there's nothing wrong. Everything's great. Just great." He sighed and sunk into the saddle. This was the last time he recommended anything. He tried being optimistic and look where it got him. "Maybe we should look for e better landing spot Aang! We should go somewhere secluded.... hidden..."

Sokka was not good at being subtle.
Nov. 20th, 2006 01:10 am (UTC)
"Maybe we should look for a better landing spot Aang! We should go somewhere secluded....hidden..."

"A 'better landing spot?' Are we being followed, Sokka?" Aang asked while grabbing hold of his staff, prepared to turn it into a glider if he needed to so he could get a better look in the skies at what may-or may not-be following them.
Nov. 21st, 2006 12:55 am (UTC)
[ooc:Mild!Brain spazz for awhile there. Couldn't think of anything for a moment. S'cuze me. :D]

Eyeing the Avatar's landing spot, he quickly turned to his uncle. "Uncle, we need to hide the ship. We'll depart and plan our attack on land."

He would capture the Avatar this time.

[ooc: I was rushed. D:]
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