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♣ No Godmoding. What I mean by this, is that you cannot control another person's character without their permission. If you are playing two characters and they are interacting within the same post I allow it in MEDERATION. don't abuse your privelage.

♣ You cannot have an all powerful character.

♣ Two words: Spell Check

♣ Stay active. Do not sign up, post once or twice, then never return. This is unacceptable. If you are absent for a lenghtly amount of time without notice we can and will give your character to someone else. When you join, you must always try to do your best to keep up with the RP. If you are going to be absent for a length of time, you MUST inform one of the mods or leave an OOC message for everyone to see.
Know whats going on. Please play attention to the other rp's and not just your own. Sometimes certain events are brought up again down the road, and it is best to know whats going on. If you are new, please read though old posts to get an idea of whats happening before you post. If you need help just ask!

♣ Be nice. In no way will we tolerate discrimination to other players. We want you to have fun, not to fight. Anyone found breaking this rule will be banned. No warning.

♣ Remember not all players will know everything thats going on. Use your own judgement. If Aang is off on his flying Byson in the forest, Zuko will not know he's there. Unless he happens to see the large byson the general vicinity.

♣ OOC brackets. Please when speaking Out Of Character use brackets. (( like this )) or [[this]]

♣ DO NOT USE ALL CAPS. Unless your character is SCREAMING at the top of his lungs at someone then you can use them. But for regular speech and non dramatics it's really not neccesary.

♣ One lined posts are not acceptable. Must be at least five sentences long. AT LEAST. In comments at least three sentences.

♣ Yaoi, Yuri and Hentai is NOT allowed. Just because it's purley and would not be apart of the story at all really.

♣ Pairings are of course accepted, just make them BELIEVABLE

♣ No deceased characters [I don't think there ARE any (o.O;)]

♣ They must all be AU, no OOC. If you have an ooc post you must make use your RP journal and put OOC in the subject line.

♣ RP journals are a must

♣ A messenger is not neccesary for this RP, but if you have one then please include it thought most if not all the RPing will take place in the Community. If you RP outside of it you must inform us either in your journal or in the comm of what happened.

♣ NPCs. These will be neccesary as the story progresses. Such as nurses, and other people that we see in everyday life.

♣ NO OC CHARATERS. Unless you can find me some random guy in the background and tell me he was IN the anime, then you may. :3

♣ You only get ONE character, so be sure you've chosen the right one that you want

♣ Don't forget to friend everyone else! (^^)








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